Allgemeiner Vliesstoff-Report

avr - Allgemeiner Vliesstoff-Report, the oldest subscription-based, bilingual trade journal, has for decades been considered a recognized industry trade publication. It provides orientation for manufacturers, converters, processors and users of nonwovens, technical textiles and geo textiles regarding international trends in the non-wovens sector. Its comprehensive reporting is based on our own research and our close contacts with the industry in all global regions. avr thus serves as a valuable link between producrs and buyers.

The industry's business and economic policies are reflected in the sections Country Focus, Special, Technology & Machinery,Research & Development, Trade fairs/Events.
Portraits of international companies and interviews with Chairmen provide an objective picture for sales strategy and marketing. 
avr informs its readers about news developments in the areas of non-wovens manufacturing and processing, nonwovens converting, raw materials and adjuvants, technical textiles, machinery and equipment. The journal addresses experts and decision makers from the non-wovens and technical textiles manufacturing, fiber producing, converter and related machinery manufacturing sectors. avr is a valuable source of advice for users, research institutions, and universities. In addition, avr is read in purchasing and procurement offices.

Language: german / english
Frequency: 6 x per year
4.328 (IVW IV/2015)


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