The Group

For over 50 years, the editorial focus of Keppler Medien Gruppe has been on its technical trade journals. Soon after WWII, Paul Keppler began growing the company, which settled in  Heusenstamm in 1964. Then as now, the publishing houses within Keppler Medien Gruppe are family-owned.

With their print and online product families, the journal brands of Keppler Medien Gruppe serve the paper, printing and packaging industry markets. While the different titles are published independently of each other, their editorial offices share as much information as possible. Given the intertwining information needs of the paper, printing and packaging markets, the readers of each of our trade journals can also participate in and benefit from the cross-industry knowledge and expertise of all the other editorial offices.  

"Making the future readable" is our publisher's motto; i.e., to serve our readers based on our thorough background knowledge, and in premium editorial quality.